Back in 2014 I released a tool named LURIA designed to lookup assigned numbers and policies for Lync\Skype objects. You can find the original HERE.

Once the CSMeeting cmdlet was introduced it became clear that I needed an update. So why has it taken so long? Simply because I wanted to introduce the ability to EDIT the looked up items directly in the Data Grid.


So what’s new in V2.0?

With LURIA 2.0 it’s possible to edit items on mass. I have included the editing of the following fields in the grid view:-

  • SIP Address
  • Line Uri
  • Dial Plan
  • Voice Policy
  • Conference Policy
  • Location Policy
  • Client Policy
  • External Access Policy
  • Mobility Policy
  • PIN Policy
  • Hosted Voicemail Policy

Another new addition is the ability to open the grid view as a .csv

How does it work?

  1. Fire up LURIA V2.x.x.exe (current version needs Skype Admin Tools installed)2.0.8
  2. Click on the Load button (depending on how many entries are found this could take a few seconds. My direct access connection to the office with around 500 entries takes under 15 seconds). You may get a Not Responding notice, if so please be patient..
  3. Search for the entry you are looking for
  4. Edit as needed (currently a tab is needed to register edited info)
  5. Click Commit, the displayed data now represents only the changes fields
  6. You could load up again by clicking the Load button (please remember that it can take some seconds before the committed changes are ready, I usually wait 10 seconds before Loading again)


Currently you will need Skype Admin Tools installed to run LURIA

Download Luria 2.0 from HERE

What’s next?

  • Looking to add an option to add new users individually as well as from a .csv import
  • Will be adding a remote PowerShell Connect option

I am looking for feedback and suggestions on improvements, happy to hear from you.