Its often a real pain sharing large files with others who are not part of your usual team. There are so many cloud storage options and its fairly simple to send a link over to someone. Of course you need to remember to stop sharing too. Not to mention that, depending on the platform, the other person may need to authenticate themselves by a method not available to them, then its creating an account etc, etc.


Too hard!

I been using SendAnywhere for some time now and really like how it self destructs after a week, during that time you can resend it too.

There is no giving someone else access to my my cloud storage, thats a big positive for me. Dont feel happy sending OneDrive, DropBox and G-Drive links.

Its fairly simple:-

  1. From Outlook start a new email adding the To, Subject and Body
  2. Click on the SendAnywhere link
  3. Drag and Drop your file into the SendAnywhere window
  4. Wait for it to upload to the SendAnywhere cloud
  5. Click Send..

See it in action HERE


NOTE: You can also upload files and grab a link directly from the website at