Yes its true, coming early 2020 Teams will support the “direct guest join” capability. Essentially this simply means that you can join Zoom and Webex meetings from your Teams Room System. Basically clicking the meeting join button joins the participant from the browser based client.

Currently launching the browser to join is suppressed, but as Microsoft have worked closely with both Cisco and Zoom they are now close to releasing this for all to enjoy.

Looking at the details you will see an icon on the meeting entry on your Teams Meeting Room display indicating the meeting type (Teams\Webex\Zoom). If you ever had a play with “QuickLaunch” you may be familiar with this approach.


The announcement stated that the capability was to be available to a new generation of meeting room devices with embedded web technology. I am rather confidant that it will be available on all the official Teams Meeting Room devices. You can bet that there will be other vendors added to the initial list of supported web based meetings.

This is huge!