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The Response Groups tab does not show any configured Workflows, Queues or Groups. Also I am unable to configure any Response Groups.

Manage Response Groups

Response Group Workflow Page Blank


The Workflows do exist as my first check was to make sure they are visible and I can manage them from PowerShell. So permissions don’t appear to be an issue.

Attempting to add a group via the Control Panel I get the message “No workflows are assigned to current manager”.

Skype Response Groups No Workflows are assigned to current manager

Now that’s cryptic, why does the Control Panel think I am a Response Group Manager?

A quick check in Active Directory Group Membership for my account shows that I am a member of CSAdministrator BUT am also a member of CSResponseGroupManager.


Response Group Manager

I am certainly not supposed to be an RGS Manager.


 The CSResponseGroupManager group only allows access to manage groups that a user has been specifically assigned too. Removing my account from this group corrected the situation and I was able to manage all RGS as expected.
If a user was assigned as the group manager, then ONLY that particular group would be visible in the Control Panel.