Product Review: Sennheiser MB 660 UC

Let me start by saying that as of this moment the Sennheiser MB 660 UC is (by far..) my new favorite headset. Let me explain..

MB 660 UC

At first glance you could be forgiven for thinking that this is predominantly a music headphone. The absence of a boom microphone is what concerned me as soon as I started unpacking this beauty. I was expecting the MB 660 UC to pickup all the surrounding office sounds as it attempts to find my voice. This was not the case. Not even close!

It was actually quite the opposite. Not only was the MB 660 UC able to find my voice clearly, BUT it was able to filter out all other office sounds so effectively that callers were unable to hear me typing away on my keyboard (I tend to strike the keyboard in a less elegant fashion than most). I have a fairly loud neighbor to my desk (hello Travis) and in my daily Skype for Business calls he is often heard over my voice, despite my best efforts.

That’s no longer the case..

A good headset in my opinion needs to be comfortable, must have great music quality and needs superb conversation audio too. A decent battery life is appreciated and of course if it looks cool and doesn’t fall apart after rigorous use then I am happy.

The MB 660 UC stands above the rest with the use of an adaptive ANC (Active Noise Controller), *SpeakFocus  and  Advanced Own-Voice-Detector. Collectively these innovative technologies are the reasons why this headset is a superbly awesome device. The use of these 3 innovative technologies contribute to the removal of ambient noise while focusing attention to the speaker. Since ambient noise can vary, an adaptive ANC is particularly effective in adjusting to the ever changing ambient noise. Its a lot more technical than that, but you get the idea. Also all ANC claims are not equal, I tend to trust my ears and not the brochures.

The Plantronics Voyager UC has been my go to device in the office because of being wireless and fairly good at ANC. I have also used the Jabra EVOLVE 80 at my home office, primarily because of it being a lot better when it comes to ANC, filters out my squawking cockatiel to some extent but mostly creates a quite space for me to work in.

Don’t get me wrong, BOTH these headsets are really good. However, what has been missing (IMHO) is a device that is a hybrid of these two products. The Sennheiser MB 660 UC does that well.

What I liked:-

  • Touch Pad Controls – really cool to interface to functionality via touch pad
  • very comfortable – despite wearing it all day
  • no boom, I tend to snack at my desk and the boom can get in the way. Pushing the boom up on other headsets works but I do often forget to bring it down again
  • NFC pairing
  • Audio cable with answer button (2.5mm and 3.5mm jack plugs) and in-flight adapter
  • Battery time is great at 30 hours
  • Battery run down? No problem, switch over to cable mode
  • The 3 “braille” like dots on the left hand side of the headset – get left and right correct in the dark. You don’t want to put this puppy on back to front, cause the boom will be projecting to the back of your head 😉

* SpeakFocus and Advanced Own-Voice-Detector are unique to Sennheiser

Areas for improvement:

  • Although the touchpad is really cool, I found that at times I either accidentally disconnected a call or placed the headset on mute.
  • The mute function doesn’t place the Skype for Business call on mute, just the headset, this can be confusing
  • Love the idea of no boom, however it comes with a slight degradation in transmitting audio
  • Would like to see more obvious indication of left and right, you can get these on back to front quite easily if you not paying attention
  • The MB 660 doesn’t pair correctly 100% of the time to my PC, every now and then I have to turn it off and on again before it connects properly
  • The reception range isn’t quite as impressive as my Plantronics Voyager UC


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About Paul B

My name is Paul Bloem and I am employed at Lexel Systems in New Zealand as a Principal Consultant for Unified Communications. I have been working on enterprise voice solutions for over 20 years. My first 10 years were spent working for a Telco in South Africa (Telcom SA). This is where all the groundwork happened as I was exposed to just about every aspect of telecommunication you could imagine. I develop an interest in PBX technologies and eventually became the go-to guy. Next, I had a 10 year run at Siemens South Africa, most of my time there was as a Technical Trainer. During this time VoIP hit the world stage, I had the privilege of introducing VoIP both as H.323 and later SIP across the Siemens HiPath 4000 solution stack. In 2008 I immigrated to New Zealand with my newly attained MCSE, I was ready to go where no PBX Techie had gone before. I was employed to explore OCS 2007 and that was pretty much the beginning of the end for me. I have been working on OCS and Lync ever since. My current role focuses exclusively on Lync and associated technologies.. That includes pre-sales, consulting, architecture and design, training and support. I even get to play in the development space from time to time - focus on play ;-) I was nominated as a Microsoft VTSP for Lync early in 2013 and also awarded Microsoft's MVP award for Lync in 2014.
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8 Responses to Product Review: Sennheiser MB 660 UC

  1. Peter says:

    Great overview! Besides the price, I couldn’t agree more. I guess you get what you pay for right.


  2. Alasdair Mitchell says:

    Hi there, great review. I currently have the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC, would you recommend the Sennheiser MB 660 UC over that? I had a hard time finding a headset that was good at both music and Skype for Business and the Plantronics is the best I have tried, but seriously tempted by the Sennheiser. Cheers.


    • Paul B says:

      Hi, thats the exact transition I made. We also around 10 of these beauties in the office and so far so good. Only complaint I have had is that the Sennheiser is absolutely silent when I am not speaking and so callers sometimes ask if I am still there.


    • Paul B says:

      Hi Alasdair, the MB 660 is really good for on the go, I must say that the Voyager Focus UC is excellent with Skype Calls, nothing beats a boom thats seen the R & D from plantronics.


  3. If anyone in North America would like to try one of these awesome headsets on a no obligation free 60-day trial send me an email at or give me a call at 415-351-5889 and I’d be happy to let you test one out! I totally agree with Paul’s review as we carry all brands of headsets and the MB 660 UC is the bomb!! 🙂


  4. Nathan Johnson says:

    I couldn’t disagree more with this review.

    I have a pair of Sennheiser MB 660 UC MS which is supposed to be Skype Certified, I purchased a selection of headsets in varying price brackets to review as part of a project I am working on. There is no denying they are great for listening to audio but they are consistently terrible when it comes to Skype for Business calls and conferences. the firmware is buggy, to say the least, and you often have to power cycle them in order for them to connect, It’s unclear to me how they are Skype certified when the mute option doesn’t integrate with Skype?. I have tried them wired to the PC via the USB cable, Via the Skype Certified USB dongle which is provided, and also directly via Bluetooth to my Windows 10 Laptop. The main issue is the microphone audio quality, regardless of connection method, it is consistently poor. I attend a lot of skype meetings and make a lot of calls. Since using the Sennheiser’s nearly every call I have attended at least one person has commented on the terrible quality of my headset! It is a little embarrassing when they were one of the most expensive pairs I purchased as part of the pilot. I have also attempted to update the firmware using the Sennheiser updater, they already have the latest firmware and since after checking for a month, no further updates have been released.

    So to summarise

    Pro’s – Great for listening to Audio
    Cons – terrible as a headset for Skype for Business


    • Paul B says:

      Hi Nathan, appreciate your comments. To be fair, I had similar issues with connectivity until I updated the USB Dongle firmware to V1.1.25. As for the microphone issues, cant say that I have had any of those issues. Have you raised this with Sennheiser as you might have a faulty unit.


      • Nathan Johnson says:

        Hi Paul,

        I appreciate your reply. I updated the firmware on the USB dongle as my first attempt to sort the issue. I then bypassed Bluetooth altogether by using The USB cable provided. It made no difference.

        After speaking with other Skype for Business Professionals, they too have had similar issues mainly around call quality with this particular headset.

        I would like to think you may be right, it could very well be a faulty headset, I will go back to Sennheiser.

        Kind regards


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