Occasionally I come across deployments where some interesting things have happened. This is an oldie but certainly something I come across from time to time.Multiple Reporting Server entries


When expanding the “View Monitoring reports” link from within the Lync\SkypefB Control Panel, more than one Monitoring Reports Service is found.

Looking at the configuration in Lync\SkypefB Server Management Shell, you will notice 2 identities. One of these is valid and another, well..perhaps a botched attempt at deploying monitoring reports.Get-CsReportingConfiguration


Basically we need to identify which of these entries is valid and which needs to be SQL Reporting Services brokenremoved. Once we know that, we can safely remove the stale entry.

To find out which entry is in use simply click on the link and see where it takes you.

My first link goes nowhere.

Now to test the other entry.SQL Reporting Services OKThat’s more like it. So now that I know which is valid and which is not, its time to remove the culprit. This is done in PowerShell as follows:

Remove-CsReportingConfiguration -Identity <identity of stale reference>


Now to check the Lync\Skype4B Control Panel for the Monitoring Reports entries, of
course we need to refresh the Silverlight pane. Skype for Business Control Panel

Since the Reporting Services are loaded into the Control Panel on start up, its best to close the window and open it again.

And Sorted!

Only one entry is now visible in the Control Panel.