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A few months back a new pet project resulted in an application called Skype for Business Monitoring Tool. Simply stated this application is a series of synthetic transactions in a PowerShell wrapper. The tool will run a selection of tests then report the results to the local event log.

Shortly after that a reporting module was added. The reporting module will compile an email report covering the previous 24 hour cycle of tests. The report includes a success vs failure rate and colour codes the ratio either green, amber or red to indicate health for each test in question.

What’s new in V1.3?

The following features have been added:-

Alert emailing

This is an alert email that is generated at the end of a test cycle if any of the synthetic transactions fail. The email consist of the Event ID and description of the error (the format is rough at present but server its purpose well – a review of this is planned)

UC Sorted Skype Monitoring
Since the FROM address isn’t checked for validity, I like to use this address to identify the Customer or Pool that’s reporting the issues. That way I can write an email rule that automatically deals with messages according to my required behaviour (eg escalate or also send to etc.). Of course you need to be sure that your email scrubbing policies allow these through.

More Tests

A total of 24 tests are now available, that equates to 12 new tests introduced in this release. These include:-Skype Monitoring Test

  • Group IM
  • Application Sharing
  • Persistent Chat
  • Data Conferencing
  • UCWA Conferencing
  • Web App Conferencing
  • Web App Anonymous Conferencing
  • Web Scheduler
  • XMPP
  • Audio Video Edge
  • Mobility IM
  • PSTN Peer-to-Peer

New “About”

A ReadMe.htm file now contains all the “About” information, version details, event ID references and notes. The ReadMe.htm file is also sent by email as the test email function

UCSorted Help File


What’s planned for VNext?

A new module that monitors and reports on the Skype Server roles. The items I plan to include are as follows:-

  • Skype related Services
  • CPU usage and peaks
  • Memory usage and peaks
  • Disk usage
  • Daily report on Skype related Event Log warnings and Errors

Please do chime in if you have any suggestions or feedback.