Voyager Focus UCPlantronics have done a great job in creating anticipation for the Voyager Focus UC. I have been waiting to get my hands on this little beauty for almost 3 months.

First impression is that its Voyager Legend UC meets Blackwire 720.

Handling the unit I niticed how it looks and feels like a quality product. No cutting corners to save a few dollars on inferior plastic etc. On closer investigation I was very pleasantly surprised by all the additional innovations that have been included.

My Favourite Features include:-

  1. Left and Right sensed based on direction of the boomSkype for Business Bluetooth headset
  2. Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)
  3. Incredible battery life, I had almost 2 full days – and I listen to music 95% of the day
  4. USB Pairing to my mobile phone, PC and tablet simultaneously without any issues.
  5. Presence updated to In a Call when I am on a mobile call (Yaya!) – not new but very useful
  6. Love the music control buttons (Track Backward\Track Forward\Play\Pause)
  7. Rotating Wheel for volume control
  8. Great sound quality
  9. Mute On\Off when you take off\put on the headset (thank you active sensors), and a notification toast (mute on reminder) to tell you that its happened
  10. Also, a screen toast that tells you that you are on mute if you forget and start talking while on mute
  11. OpenMic – When not in a call, mute (Red so you cant miss it) button becomes OpenMic on\off. You can adjust the amount of ambient noise to allow with the volume wheel
  12. Familiarity – since the buttons\controls are in exactly the same place as my Voyager Legend, operating this beauty is already second nature.
  13. Bluetooth range beyond any of the devices I have tested before
  14. The pouch has a separate compartment for charging cable and USB adapter, I have lost a few of these little adapters so am rather happy with this little inclusion.

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Once I found the proper adjustments for my melon it was great. Managed to wear it for a full day without any discomfort. Its rather light and the ANC works fairly well for a headset that doesn’t totally encapsulate your ears.

Headsets often start to agitate me if they are too tight, partly because my radars get squashed. But wearing spectacles is also a discomfort when the headset is competing for the same real estate (over the ear).  No such contention between my spectacles and my Voyager Focus UC.


  1. I wish the Charge stand was also a Bluetooth receiver, I am often handicapped with only one USB socket
  2. Using the Plantronics Hub Software, I can set the Media Player Action on incoming calls. I would love see Spotify on the list
  3. Also the music control buttons don’t work with Spotify
  4. Taking the headset off while music is playing pauses the music, cool BUT (see a theme developing here?) not working with Spotify
  5. The USB receiver is very active, flashing bright blue all day long. Its a bit distracting and I would love to see an option to disable this altogether.

Overall I think this is a fantastic headset. Dare I say, its the best headset I have had the pleasure to use.

NOTE If you somehow missed it, this is a Bluetooth headset, not DECT

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