As I start thinking about the design of Skype for Business solutions it becomes apparent to me that its time for a new visio stencil. Having been a little reserved with the new images that were introduced in the Lync 2013 stencil I thought its time to embrace the new.

The official Office Viso Stencil published on 19/01/2015 can be found here.

Having taken a look at these I must say that these will need to grow on me. Not a big fan of the dark shadow looking images that represent the servers (yet!). Feels a bit gloomy to me, I need clean, open looking shapes.

Below is an extract of the my Skype for Business stencil transformation

Skype visio stencil

So what shapes are in the stencil?

  • Skype for Business Servers, Roles and clients
  • Anywhere 365 Servers
  • Zeacom Servers
  • Sonus SBCs
  • Audiocodes SBCs
  • All the usual Infrastructure and Server roles
  • A bunch of Skype for Business\Lync related components

Here is a snippet of the shapes..

skype for business visio stencil

Of course I will update the library of shapes as and when needed. Happy to take on board suggestions.

Download S4B Stencil