What is Lync Call PickUp?

The ability to Pick Up a ringing endpoint by means for dialling a pickup code. This feature was added in Lync 2013 CU1

Feature Scope

  • Calls coming in to any member of a call pickup group can be answered by dialing an access code for that group (you will need to be in earshot of the ringing call to know about it).
  • Any Lync user can answer a call to a call pickup group by dialing the call pickup access code associated with that group. 
  • Currently you cannot prevent the call from being Picked Up by any users.
  • Calls have to be directly to the Pickup Group member, to qualify for Picking Up (can’t be a RGS Call, Delegate Call, Team Call, Simultaneous Ring etc.)
  • Users may belong to just 1 pickup group

How to configure Call Pickup

1. Call Pickup is an extension of SEFAUtil, so this needs to be configured and working. See here for setup of SEFAUtil.

2. To setup Call Pickup (which leverages the Lync Call Park Orbit functionality, add the Call Pickup Group and associated code:

New-CsCallParkOrbit -Identity “Night Bell” -Type GroupPickup -NumberRangeStart “*999” -NumberRangeEnd “*999” -CallParkService “” 

  • If you can’t set the Type its probably because you dont have a minimum of CU1 installed
  • In the command above we have used the code *999 as the pickup code. If you use * or # the number needs to be greater than 100.
3. Add a user to the Call Pickup Group. This is done from SEFAUtil as follows:

SEFAUtil.exe /enablegrouppickup:”*999″ /server:”” sipuri@domain.com

You can check the assignment of the user to the Pickup Group with:

SEFAUtil.exe  /server:”” sipuri@domain.com

If you would prefer a GUI then James Cussen has developed just what the doctor ordered, he calls it the Lync 2013 Call Pickup Group Manager, it can be found here.