It’s often frustrating to trawl through a lengthy display of text when calling up Lync data such as an output from get-csuser. To be fair I often just dump the results to a csv file with some formatting. That does however mean that I now need to open the xml file to view the results.

An alternative is to simply pipe your query to out-gridview

…and the result:

 But wait..there is more…you can search for numerous details within the grid output. This could be a range or specific search item. Below I have searched for the last 4 digits of my LineURI (it also searched by extension number!). And yes you can search for PrivateLine as well.

Still more, you can add a list of search criteria, I have added a search for all Users that are Enterprise Voice Enabled and have the digits 270 in their LineURI as below:

Another really useful aspect is that you can right click on the column header to select only the columns you want to see (or drag the columns into a sequence that suits your requirements) as below:

Here I removed all and then selected just the columns I wanted:-

And the output looks like this:-