Amongst the RESKit tools one finds the Database Analyzer. Use it to check the health of your RTC Database.

It comes with switches and I have documented the ones I find most useful with examples below.

DBAnalyze.exe /report:diag

diag     Displays diagnostic information for the rtc
            Depending on the number of users, database
            size and the current load, creation of this
            report type may take 5-10 minutes.

            WARNING: Diagnostic mode should not be run
            frequently. Doing so may impact server

RTC Database Disk Usage
DBAnalyze.exe /report:disk

disk     : Displays the disk fragmentation analysis results for all local disks.

MCU Stats
DBAnalyze.exe /report:mcus

 mcus     : Displays information about all MCUs registered with the database.

User Reports
DBAnalyze.exe /report:user /

 user           : SIP user to query for. This switch is used by the
                  “user” and “conf” report types. The value is the SIP
                  URI of the user without the “SIP:” prefix.