Tried to give a customer a quick verbal re the databases as seen in their SQL backend on the fly…Surprisingly I only missed one 😉
Better chuck that in the blog for quick reference then
Xds – aka the CMS, contains the published Topology
RTC – persistent user data including contact lists, scheduled conferences
Rtcdyn – Presence info
Rtcab – address book data (synced from AD)
Rtcab1 – address book data (synced from AD)
Cpsdyn – Call Park data, dynamic
Rgsdyn – RGS data, dynamic
Rgsconfig – RGS config
LcsLog – IM and Conference data for Archiving
LcsCdr – CDR
QoEMetrics – QOE Data
Lis – Location and information service

Log file placement defined here

The DB names are hardcoded. You can only choose the SQL instance name, and port numbers.