3 Responses to EWS not working externally

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi,I was happy to find this article as I have exactly this problem. But after trying both solutions first client solution then server side solution nothing of this prevents the Credential pop-up. It just keeps popping up all the time. I somehow suspect that Internet Explorer 11 is causing the problem. Do you have already more information about that?Thank you!Robert


  2. Paul Bloem says:

    Did you also take a look at your Reverse Proxy rule for EWS traffic as I have found this to often be a cause as well. Lync does not support pre-authentication (currently) so the Reverse Proxy rule should not ask the user to authenticate but rather to allow the client to authenticate directly.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Paul,yes I did. As I’m testing those things in our test environment I just bypassed my reverse proxy and directed external traffic to my CAS server directly just to exclude reverse proxy as problem source. I also have to say that this credential question comes only once. When I type my AD credentials and select save my credentials it does not ask anymore. But when users are changing passwords it asks for sure again. So I would like to prevent this at the first place.CheersRobert


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