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Edge Server Quick Reference Guide – install and Troubleshoot

I Use this page to speed up the deployment all the time :-p #Adding the persistent Route route add –p mask if ? #Get Replication status Get-CsManagementStoreReplicationStatus #Force Replication Invoke-CsManagementStoreReplication #Exporting for Edge export-csconfiguration -filename c:\ #Importing … Continue reading

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Server Specifications

Scale Comparison Table Physical-Virtual Standard User model with conferencing, PSTN conferencing, and Enterprise VoiceIM&P    = IM and PresenceAS           = Application SharingAV          = A/V Conferencing  (collocated if Front End Server)EV           = Enterprise Voice (Response Group Service/PSTN access), Mediation ServerReg        = Registrar (subset … Continue reading

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Unlock PIN

Is there a way to turn off the unlock pin? Yes, you can disable this behavior either by unchecking “Enforce Device Locking” from the Clients > Device Configuration section of the Lync Control Panel, or by using the “Set-CsUCPhoneConfiguration -EnforcePhoneLock … Continue reading

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