If you ever see the following Error in Event log
Event ID 47068 GetAndPublish web service failed

Recently I was deploying a new Lync 2010 environment, here is where the issue started..the customer decided that they would provide a SQL 2012 backend for the CMS (even though not supported). This meant that mid deployment we had to change the backend database, only thing is that the SQL backend was removed prior to detaching from the Lync FE. 

I ran the usual install database which completed without any errors, checked the databases and all looked fine.

When I fired up the first user I got the screen shot below

I could search for users and found them but no presence updates at all. A tell tale sign that the RTCDyn database isn’t playing nice.

Checking the FE I found this error below, didn’t take too much notice of it at first. Then wondered why it was the LS User Services??

Digging deeper I also found this one below, not too many of them either

Lync is telling the client that it doesn’t trust the query to the database for the client to find presence info etc.
OK, so how do you re-authenticateattach the cert to a database that reports no errors when deploying?
Powershell Of Course!
Since it was a new install I wasn’t too concerned about re-installing the CMS
unInstall-CsDatabase -CentralManagementDatabase -SqlServerFqdn
#Re-install default
Install-CsDatabase -CentralManagementDatabase -SqlServerFqdn 

Re Published the Topology and then Ran Setup and finally it all started working