SNOM PA1 is a really easy to configure device that works out of the box with Lync as a PA system.

What you will need:-
The UC Edition of the SNOM PA1 Firmware
A Lync account that will be used by the snom device…aaahh thats it!

This little puppy ONLY works if your auto login is functioning (ie SRV records)
Update- This was on older versions of the PA1 firmware

How to configure the device:-

1. Power up the snom PA1, wait until the call LED lights up

2. Connect speakers to the device, I connected a speaker directly to the terminals as the image below shows

3. Press the IP Reset button and a friendly lady tells you your IP Address šŸ™‚
4. Navigate to the URL https:\\ and click on the UC Account Data button

5. The device can have up to 4 different Lync Accounts, for simplicity I configured just the one. Enter the Lync PA user details and Apply

6. From your own Lync Communicator you can now look up the Lync PA user and simply call it from Lync to make a PA Announcement.

Once configured the device will request a login username and password next time you go to the URL, I had to factory reset the device each time I needed to change the Lync Account details. Bit of a bugger but since you only configure it once I suppose its ok.

Factory Reset
Press and hold the IP Reset button until both LED’s go off.
Now reboot the device.

Tweaking the PA1
Adjusting the Speaker Volume (1-14) default is 10.

Still looking at how to set the HTTP password and change the PA announce tone