Simple URL’s and WEB Services Explained

These URL’s are used by Lync for the following services:-
  • Web Meeting URL (Dialin and Meet)
  • Access to Distribution Groups (DG)
  • Access to Address Book Service (ABS)

All these services are delivered as URL’s, they are available internally (by connecting directly to IIS on Lync Front End) and externally via the reverse proxy (and thus then the Front End).

 Web Services (DG,ABS and Mobility)
DG URL External (port 8080 & 4443)
DG URL Internal (port 80 & 443)
ABS URL External from Server ( port 443)
ABS URL Internal from Server ( port 443)

MCX URL External from Server ( port 443)

 Simple URL (WEB Conference)

These are used for Web Meetings and conferences. they are usually https://meet. but as I prefer using the same A record I have selected a single URL for both meet and dialin as follows:-

URL use as seen in Lync Communicator

Both the URL’s for WEB Services and for WEB Conferencing need to be in the Public Certificate as do their aliases eg. lyncmobility