Creation of Lync Regions (aka OCS Locations)

1. From Voice Routing create a Dial Plan for the Region you need to specify rules for. Remember to add rules to this Dial Plan.
Keep in mind that users residing in this region may dial numbers differently than users from a foreign location.
E.g. a local 7 digit number dialled from a Christchurch user will need to normalize to a Christchurch E.164 number, whereas the same number dialled as a local number from an Auckland user needs to be normalized to an Auckland E.164 number.

2. From the Conferencing tab add a Dial-in Access number for your new region.
3. From the Associated Regions area click on Add to find the Region that was created during STEP 1

4. Confirm that your new conferencing Region is configured complete with its own DDI.

5. Now you are ready to associate the users to the new Region. This is done by changing the user to the Dial plan policy you created in STEP 1.

As mentioned in STEP 1, users in this Dial plan will need Normalization rules matching their expected dialling behaviour. They will probably also have a DDI (Line URI) matching the Region.

6. All that remains is to close both Lync and Outlook and launch them again. This allows for the loading of the new profiles. Now your meeting invites should show location preference.

7. If for some reason the user needs to send a meeting request displaying a number other than their assigned region this can be done from Outlook as below. Select Meeting Options – Audio and Phone. Now select the required location for this meeting request.

Alternativly, you could show any\all of the Dial in numbers in the invite by simply adding the required region to the Conference

Your invite will then look similar to the image below