No Presence for Fedrated partners – Event ID 11


Came across a deployment with the following 2 issues:-

  1. federated partners were showing up as presence unknown
  2. unable to call voicemail (hosted in O365)

When trying to send messages to these “unknown” federated partners I got “This message wasn’t sent due to company policy”.

So why did I try to message a contact with a presence status of “unknown? Simply because the federated contact could see my users presence and send me IM’s, I was even able to respond to these IM’s although the presence was still “unknown”.

Presence Unknown


A quick look at the client side logs revealed an error in the presence Subscribe message

Via: SIP/2.0/TLS;ms-received-port=24164;ms-received-cid=FC9300
ms-diagnostics: 1008;reason=”Unable to resolve DNS SRV record“;domain=””;dns-srv-result=”NegativeResult”;dns-source=”InternalCache”;source=””
Server: RTC/6.0
Content-Length: 0

Taking a look at the users (client side) local event log I found the same error.

Event Log

Event ID 11
A SIP request made by Lync failed in an unexpected manner (status code 80ef01f8).

Response Data
504  Server time-out
ms-diagnostics:  1008;reason=”Unable to resolve DNS SRV record“;domain=””;dns-srv-result=”NegativeResult”;dns-source=”InternalCache”;source=””;OriginalPresenceState=”0″;CurrentPresenceState=”0″;MeInsideUser=”No”;ConversationInitiatedBy=”6″;SourceNetwork=”5″;RemotePartyCanDoIM=”Yes”

Clearly there is some issue with either the federation SRV record or resolving the federation SRV record.

Checking the SRV record from the Edge server I can see that this record is not found. Checking the DNS for the Edge server I noticed that the interfaces are pointing to the internal DNS servers.


We have 2 options here:-

  1. Configure the Edge Server to point to a public (external) DNS server where the SRV record for is valid (frowned upon by some security folks)
  2. Add the SRV record for to the internal DNS, making sure that the target FQDN is the Public Access FQDN of the Edge Server.


Here is a little reason why you may want to avoid using the common DNS name for your Edge Servers Access FQDN (only..). Internally the record was generally configured to resolve to the front end pools, if we now need an internal SRV record for then targeting this to will simply get to the Front End Pool and not to the Federation point at the Access Edge FQDN.



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Visio Stencil for Skype for Business Add-On Products 2016

What do you call the collection of all the add-on items one can add to a Skype for Business solution?

Additive? Add-On? Supplement? Additions? I prefer bells and whistles, its descriptive and yet so elusive.

Every Skype for Business solution has some sort of bell and\or whistle. Be that some sort of video conferencing solution, Contact Center or IP Phone. What I find difficult is clearly representing these when architecting an environment in Visio. Wouldn’t it be useful to have all these sorts of supplemental components were in a visio stencil for quick access. And so the stencil is born. The theme is based on the same theme used through the Skype for Business 2015 – Visio Stencil   (an updated V2.0 will be out soon)

I have also added a second shape for most of the products in the template. The reason for this is that often a Visio is used on larger screens that afford a little more detail.

Acpect ShapesGenesys ShapesNectar shapesPrognosis Shapes

In some instances I have added additional shapes for the sake of variety of choice. For example:

Numonix Shapes

And of course a special mention for all the really cool endpoints, such as :-

endpoint shapes

If you have any additional requests (or corrections.. I don’t actually know all of these products intimately) please do reach out to me.

DOWNLOAD the Skype for Business Add-On Products Visio.

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The Complexity of Choice – Meetings and Meeting Rooms

The meeting room space has evolved to address a multitude of use cases fit for just about every situation you can imagine. With this evolution comes variety, and thus making choices.

Ensuring that you have the correct setup based on the meeting expectations. For instance, a USB camera designed for the desktop just is not capable of taking in a room of 10 people across the boardroom table. Neither is the builtin microphone of said USB camera equipped to handle the room environment.

That said, the USB camera does have its place.

The same can be said for the higher end of the conference room. A $40,000 solution is hardly a good investment when all you really needed was a person to person video call.

The following slides have been shared to assist with identifying the use case and then matching that with a suitable solution.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Reference material


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